#workingsooner – Helping Australians get back to work

The Lloyd Connect team are a proud and longstanding member of the Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing Association of Australia & NZ ( RCSA ).

RCSA have recently launched ‘ Working Sooner ’, a new campaign to promote the role Australian Job Agencies play in connecting people with work, helping business to grow and our vital role in helping Australia’s economy recover from the COVID 19 crisis.

This campaign celebrates the vital work that each of us in the recruitment and staffing industry do every day.

Australian Job Agencies, which encompasses labour hire, recruitment and staffing agencies, are major drivers of jobs and economic growth. We are a $29B industry employing and placing hundreds of thousands of Australians, from engineers, nurses and teachers to programmers, tradies and carers.

As Australia emerges from the COVID-19 crisis, Australian Job Agencies will be critical to the recovery of our economy – agencies such as Lloyd Connect will play in a large part in helping our industries recover.​

At Lloyd Connect, we understand how difficult the last several months have been for both businesses and individuals. Unfortunately, we have seen too many good organisations lose their best staff, and in turn, so many talented people have found themselves out of work.

Post the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope that we can assist you re-build your brand, or help you find your way back into meaningful employment.

If there is any way we can assist in any of your recruitment needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Lloyd Connect.

We may have been there during the good times, but we are still here to support you during the difficult times and beyond.

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