Why Talent as a Service could be a game-changer for HR teams

Planned recruitment is critical for businesses, particularly those in a growth phase, as it supports talent needs ahead of time and puts organisations in the best position to attract the right candidates. Many organisations are already planning their recruitment in-house, bringing in recruiters on a retained or contingent basis as needed, but there is another (and in my opinion, significantly better) option.

Talent as a Service is a growing trend in the Australian market, and if you haven’t heard about it, it’s worth looking into as it can offer your business a host of benefits.

This innovative model was first brought to market by Lloyd Connect because we believe it drives better outcomes. The same way you no longer buy most software, but subscribe to it, Talent as a Service gives you access to the expertise you need without the hefty price tag or lump sum fees.

You engage the recruiter for a 12-month period on a monthly fee structure, and they are ready to go whenever you have a vacancy. Here are three ways it could be a game-changer for you.

An expert recruitment team on-call

For medium-sized businesses, an expert in-house recruitment team often doesn’t make commercial sense, yet they still need the expertise. Talent as a Service is a fantastic option for these businesses, as it puts a dedicated, expert resource at their fingertips, poised and ready whenever they are needed.

You’re able to leverage decades of experience and a resource that is constantly building connections across a variety of industries. This network can help you find that one-in-a-million candidate that just wouldn’t have come up in internal recruitment efforts.

This can help you widen your reach and find the right candidate sooner without paying salaries for a resource you don’t need all the time.

A flat fee structure to manage recruitment costs

Recruitment can get expensive and as the business grows, these costs can explode. Talent as a Service gives you certainty, with a flat monthly fee over a 12-month contract.

This makes it easy to budget for recruitment costs with no nasty surprises. This, in turn, means you can allocate resources accurately and put your HR team in the best position to support strategic business goals.

Planning support and advice

Today’s HR leaders and professionals are strategic drivers of the business, and recruitment is just one part of that role. Lloyd Connect’s Talent as a Service offering gives you access to our deep expertise not just in your recruitment efforts, but in your talent planning as well.

Our consultants are out there talking to people every day and understand the market dynamics and what candidates want from a role. Using this knowledge, they can help you plan your recruitment over a 12-month period, with an understanding of the market forces at play. 

You can leverage this wealth of experience to build a talent plan that aligns with your growth strategy, so you get time back to focus on other strategic drivers.

Looking for a better way to recruit that supports your business and growth goals? Get in touch with Lloyd Connect to find out how Talent as a Service can help.

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