What’s So Special(ist) About a Generalist?

We all have that wise statesperson in our family or social group we go to for advice; they seem to know something about everything. When we need to make a big life decision, we often turn to that one particular person for guidance. It makes sense to listen to the views of someone you trust; why go to several different sources, for several pieces of conflicting advice?

So why should your recruitment process be any different? Why visit multiple specialist agencies each time you have a niche position, when you could build a relationship with a generalist agency!

Investing in an agency should not be a one-off, it should be the start of a long-term commitment. As we all know, selecting the right staff is integral to your organisation’s success. Investing time, training and resources into an incorrect hire can set you back several months. Place your trust in an agency that knows your business from top to bottom, which is why a generalist agency should be your strategic business partner and your ‘one-stop-shop’ when it comes to all of your staffing solutions.

Benefits for Businesses:

A generalist agency should be viewed as the permanent hiring-arm of your business – almost to the point where they are a true division of the organisation. For us, it’s not a matter of providing you with a resource, the relationship needs to work on all fronts. We want your business to obtain a lifelong employee, and we truly want our candidates to secure their dream job. Building a long-term relationship with a generalist agency can assist in achieving this scenario.

The top benefit of engaging recruitment assistance from a generalist agency is that we can assist with filling all, not just one specific, positions within your business. Often, our consultants have worked within a diverse range of industries, meaning that someone on the team will be familiar with the conditions required from your new employee and your industry itself.

Since we work with businesses from varying sectors and the different positions within those businesses, we have seen all the dos-&-don’ts and can support & advise accordingly.

One of the greatest advantages of using a generalist agency is your introduction to high-end, yet often passive, candidate talent. Due to the diversity of our agency, we have a regular influx of candidate registrations from a multitude of industries. Over time, we have built a direct talent pipeline to individuals with a range of skills.

Since we know the varying roles within your business, we will often pass on these candidates (in a reverse-market scenario); you could be introduced to someone you never ever knew you needed!

Using a generalist service can also reduce recruitment times; we have pools of varied candidates at our disposal, meaning that external advertising is only the second means for sourcing your new employee. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a shift to a candidate-heavy market, meaning there are a lot more people applying for work due to the current state of affairs. Our role in that regard is to source and screen the most appropriate and talented people for your organisation. We usually have candidates ready and waiting!

Not just a One Trick Pony:

Generalist agencies are also well-known for not only their permanent recruitment services, but also their temporary labour-hire solutions. This often involves a full payroll service, and also OHS/WHS inductions which will make sure your staff are appropriately trained and conducting themselves in the correct manner whilst working on site. This takes a lot of the guess work out of the equation for you; sleep easy knowing your pay and safety obligations are taken care for you.

We understand that your hiring needs may not always be the same; there may be changes to internal project timelines, or a global pandemic may strike! However, this doesn’t mean the partnership with your generalist agency has to change. Another aspect of our business is Recruitment as a Service: a yearly subscription-based model for planned recruitment services. This service takes away the need to negotiate terms with an agency for each position you require, and ensures cost savings that will reduce your recruitment spend and deliver a faster return on your investment. You may not be ready now, but be assured that when you are, we will be too.

For Those on the Hunt for New Opportunities:

Generalist agencies are not just a great recruitment asset for businesses looking for new staff; they can also be an excellent resource for individuals interested in new career opportunities. The best part is, you don’t have to be unemployed to engage with a generalist agency!

Many individuals who have found new and rewarding careers through a generalist agency were often found to be ‘passive candidates’ (i.e. not looking for work, but interested in hearing about new job openings).

Since businesses understand the access to talent that generalist agencies possess, candidates are often alerted to new openings before they are advertised externally. Rather than scrolling through endless online job boards, you can be alerted to new positions by a recruiter from a simple call or email.

As alluded to earlier, generalist agencies have a strong standing in the temporary labour hire market. For those who have unfortunately found themselves out of work (permanently or temporarily) due to the COVID-19 pandemic, registering for contract work may be a suitable solution. By engaging in temporary work, you could also gain a raft of new experience and skills by working in new businesses, which will see you prepared and job-ready once restrictions ease.

Once registered with a generalist agency, it’s a good idea to keep in regular contact with consultants. That way, when new opportunities arise, you will be front of mind to be contacted and connected to new businesses. What we also realise is that people hold diverse skill-sets, and shouldn’t be pigeon-holed to just one industry; we will present with positions from industries that you can use your transferable skills to assimilate to.

Your Jack-of-All Trades:

Adding a person to your team is a big decision, and can be the difference between setting you apart from your competition, or putting you several months behind schedule. You need the expertise and advice of people who have experience in a range of settings, not just one.

The diversity of a generalist agency is what sets us apart. We have consultants who not only understand your business, but also understand industry-trends and the talent available within those varying markets.

You should think of your generalist agency as not an outside contractor, but someone you work with inside of your business – we are a part of your executive team and our success is based on your success.

A generalist agency will intimately know your business inside and out, and can assist in a wider range of roles that present over time. Why hire a specialist recruiter every time you have a different role? The one generalist agency can help with all of your recruitment needs.

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