The 2022 Employment Market Trends to Watch

Whether you are a business looking for a new hire or a candidate looking for your next career step, 2022 presents some excellent opportunities. Here, the experts at Lloyd Connect share their insights into the 2022 employment market, trends and what we can expect in the coming months.

#1 An increase in hiring from networks

We were already seeing a shift away from traditional job search platforms and, according to Lloyd Connect Online Business Manager Shelley Wood, this is only likely to grow in 2022. “Savvy businesses and candidates are looking to social networks such as LinkedIn to explore new opportunities, so the way we think about looking for a new job or recruiting a new hire has changed.”

Shelley says that, for candidates this means connecting with expert recruiters on platforms like LinkedIn. “It can be as simple as shooting out a few messages to those with a good reputation in your industry to let them know you might be interested in new opportunities.”

For businesses, this means working with a recruitment partner who already has an established and strong network in your industry. “Look for someone who has a solid understanding of your industry and takes a partnership approach. That way, you’ll be leveraging existing expertise while also benefiting from a partner who takes the time to understand your business and your culture.”

#2 Work/life balance becoming even more attractive

It might come as a surprise to some employers, but salary is not the only, or even the primary driver for many of today’s job seekers. According to Lloyd Connect consultant Amanda Clayson, hybrid work will be a hot topic in 2022. “It’s important for HR and internal recruiters to keep up with contemporary workplace trends, and this year, flexibility is a headline. The benefits have been widely demonstrated across a number of areas, including employee engagement, brand, and talent attraction and retention. It’s critical for HR and hiring managers to develop a considered approach to flexibility as it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future.”

While flexibility is important, Amanda points out that the “water-cooler chat” is too. “We know from many studies during the pandemic that employees need those casual interactions for mental health and engagement, and it’s good for the business too. This is why the hybrid model may prove a stronger choice than pure work-from-home.”

#3 Attracting candidates in the age of the great resignation

Although we have seen some conservative behaviours as realisation dawned that we aren’t out of the woods with COVID-19 just yet, experts are still predicting that the great resignation is likely to occur in 2022. “For businesses, this means making sure you are offering an attractive working environment to your existing team and prospective employees,” says Lloyd Connect Founder and Director of Connections Jenny Lloyd. “While there is a chance you may lose some team members as a result of the movement, it can also offer excellent opportunities to attract some new high performers too.”

“For candidates, it will mean more jobs on offer as people make their move, so it’s worth thinking about what you want out of your career in 2022 and where your next step may be. Reaching out to an expert recruitment partner to indicate you are interested is a great first step. A recruiter like Lloyd Connect that truly values candidate care can really help you manage your career.”

#4 Video playing a more prominent role in brand recruitment strategies

We’ve already seen an increase in companies using video to showcase their culture and working environment to prospective candidates, and Amanda Clayson says it’s a critical tool to engage with Millennial candidates. “By 2025, it’s expected that the Millennial generation will make up 75% of our workforce, so it’s essential to make sure you are connecting with this massive talent pool.

“Video is a great way to connect with this digital-native audience across the platforms they use, such as Instagram. Reels and stories are fantastic ways to engage this audience and can be used to highlight the brand, culture, day-to-day environment and the specific role.”

Amanda adds that we may see a growth in the “Employee Brand Ambassador” playing a role in the recruitment process, as potential candidates seek real stories and experiences.

#5 Hiring from outside the industry

This has been a growth area for some time, and in 2021 we saw some of the big players in tech publicly acknowledging that they were switching to this strategy to alleviate skills shortages. But, whether you are currently facing talent shortages or not, hiring from outside the industry can bring a wealth of benefits.

According to Lloyd Connect General Manager David Lloyd, it’s a trend that all businesses should be considering. “Hiring from outside your industry is a great way to inject innovation and fresh perspectives into your team while benefiting from a range of transferable skills.

“While some industries require specific qualifications or technical knowledge, in many roles, the right soft skills and attitude can go a long way. It also significantly increases your talent pool and reach in a candidate-short market.”

David highlights that working with an experienced recruiter can help organisations tap into this talent pool. “Because we take the time to understand our candidates, what they are looking for and where they will thrive, Lloyd Connect can help you look outside your industry in a targeted way to ensure the strategy adds value.”

What recruitment trends are you seeing in your organisation? Leave a comment, DM the team, or get in touch with Lloyd Connect to share your thoughts and find out how our innovative Recruitment as a Service model could change the game for you.

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