Six tips to attract the best candidates in 2022

This year is shaping up to be challenging for HR and internal recruiters, with the continuation of a candidate-short market and predictions of an impending ‘great resignation’. Reviewing how and where you attract the best candidates is a must in this landscape. Here are our top tips for finding top talent in 2022.

#1 Revisit your value proposition and your pitch 

As our workforce shifts to be dominated by Millennials, it’s essential to make sure you reach your audience. For this market, simply posting a job ad with a list of tasks and desired criteria no longer cuts the mustard.

We’ve all heard that people are looking for work with ‘purpose’, but it’s critical to understand what this means for your target candidates. Not every job can be about saving the world, but today’s candidates want to understand your mission and how they will contribute to it.

With flexibility high on the agenda for many, it’s also a good idea to quantify this by highlighting what you are actually offering.

#2 Consider attracting out of industry candidates to widen your talent pool

Of course, this isn’t relevant to all roles, sometimes you need a specific set of skills, but hiring outside of industry is a great strategy in a tight market for many roles. Many skills, particularly interpersonal and leadership competencies, are inherently transferable, and bringing someone in from outside the industry can bring fresh perspectives and that all-important innovation. 

#3 Put your brand at the centre of your recruitment efforts

The line between HR/Recruitment and marketing is becoming further blurred as the balance of power goes to candidates.

With candidates looking to understand more about a brand than ever before, it’s critical to have a presence that highlights your culture, values and the experience of working for you. More and more, brands are leaning towards video to do this, amplifying it across their social channels to engage with a Millennial audience.

#4 Use your networks

While traditional job boards still dominate, the gap is closing, and finding jobs on social media is a fast-growing trend. We know that almost 40% of Australians are considering a job change this year, but they may not be actively looking, so it’s essential to reach them wherever they are. And this goes beyond professional networks like LinkedIn. We are seeing a rise in employers reaching candidates on platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Reels, the latter being the most used by younger generations.

#5 Review your recruitment and application process

A drawn-out recruitment process is one of the biggest candidate bugbears and can lead to significant dropout, particularly in this competitive market. Applications involving data repetition or lengthy submissions are likely to detract from your candidate pool.

Now is the time to take a look at your process and consider how technology and expert partners can help you reach and engage the right candidates fast, or you’ll likely lose them to the competition.

#6 Plan ahead

Understanding and planning for your talent acquisition needs is critical in this market, so you are ready to reach top talent whenever you need them. As a result, we are seeing growing uptake of our cost-effective Recruitment as a Service model that enables forward-thinking organisations to work with an expert team to plan and fill talent needs throughout the year.

Looking for a better way to recruit in 2022? Get in touch with Lloyd Connect to find out how our innovative approach can give you the edge you need to succeed.

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