Recruitment Tips for the Tech Sector

Australia’s tech sector is constantly evolving, and the upward trend in demand for top talent will likely continue for some time. So, in these market conditions, taking a strategic approach to recruiting and leveraging expert advice are the keys to success.

I’ve been working in tech recruitment for some 20+ years and I’ve learned a bit along the way. Today, I wanted to share my top tips for attracting talent in the tech sector.

Streamline your hiring process

The tech industry is associated with efficiency and speed, but it’s surprising how many tech organisations still use clunky or outdated technologies to manage the recruitment process. If your business is all about being at the cutting edge of tech in your industry, your recruitment process should mirror that to appeal to the right candidates.

Use specialised avenues to reach tech candidates

While broad-based professional platforms like LinkedIn certainly have a place, specialised industry or even university graduate platforms should be part of your process. While they may reach fewer potential candidates, they are more targeted and can yield more qualified and relevant applications.

Highlight growth opportunities

Tech is a competitive recruitment market, so growth, learning and innovation opportunities can be critical differentiators for candidates. During the recruitment process, highlight the possibilities for project involvement, skill acquisition and ongoing professional development within your business.

Embrace diverse hiring

Tech is a universal field with no geographic or demographic limits. Emphasising diversity and inclusion in your hiring practices will broaden your pool of applicants, leading to a rich mix of backgrounds, talents and viewpoints.

Develop your employer brand

Tech professionals often seek workplaces where they can innovate and feel valued. Cultivate a strong employer brand that communicates your organisational culture, values and unique selling propositions to ensure the right candidates know who you are and want to work with you before you even have a vacancy.

Target passive candidates

Passive candidates – those who aren’t actively job hunting – can be a great target audience in a competitive market, so make and retain connections with these professionals. They may not be looking for a job change right now, but things could be different in the future. Ensure your brand is represented at key networking events in your subsector. This could be as small as ensuring relevant employees are active members and attend events, or even looking for guest speaking or exhibition opportunities.

Build a long-term talent pipeline

The most successful tech firms are always on the hunt for tomorrow’s talent. Look for opportunities to put your brand front and centre to potential future candidates to build a pipeline of talent interested in working for you. This can involve networking, as discussed above, or even getting involved with student programs in your specific subsector. Universities are often looking for employers to speak at careers events, host students as part of work-integrated learning or sponsor student competitions. These are all great ways to get on the front foot with tomorrow’s talent.

Partner with an experienced tech recruiter

Hiring in the tech industry is complex and requires specialised industry knowledge. Partnering with Lloyd Connect can give you access to a broader talent pool. We can also alert you when top candidates in your industry are making a career move, allowing you to move before the competition.

For more advice on tech recruitment, get in touch with me on LinkedIn or reach out to the team with us at Lloyd Connect.

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