Talent as a Service – What’s it all about?

I have been in the Information Technology industry all my working life, many a year has flowed under the bridge whilst the industry has changed and evolved. Technology has changed from my first days as a computer operator in the mainframe world all the way to now, where we have the Internet of Things (IoT) and of course IT now offering “Everything as a Service” (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS etc).

To extend the “as a Service” approach to the Recruitment Services industry seems to me to be a logical service offering. Now Lloyd Connect introduces “Talent as a Service” (TaaS), enabling employers of choice to source high performing talent without the budget blowout, and one that will deliver a connection with high performing talent time and time again.

Due to the high costs of external recruitment, sometimes small to medium sized organisations choose to recruit themselves. The impact of not partnering with a specialist recruitment firm like Lloyd Connect, is that you may not attract or find the right talent to enhance the services you offer to your customers.

Talent as a Service enables employers to leverage the high quality recruitment services of Lloyd Connect on a subscription basis:

  • The subscription service is based on your planned and unplanned staffing needs and enables a true partnership approach in talent acquisition.
  • End to end recruitment services and consulting capability, backed by solid recruitment industry experience, which fits into your monthly budget.
  • A talent acquisition service which delivers a faster return on investment.

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If you are considering going to market for a recruitment service provider, ensure you have a conversation with us here at Lloyd Connect to fully understand how we can help you achieve positive recruitment outcomes.

Contact  david@lloydconnect.com.au  or call me on 0418418823 for a conversation about how we can help you, or share this with a Hiring Manager or HR Manager that may find this service offering of interest.

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