Pros and Cons of Working from Home

The advancement of technology has meant that for many employees the dreaded commute to and from work is a thing of the past. A 2014 study conducted by Stanford University found that employees who worked from home had a 13% increase in productivity as well as a higher level of job satisfaction. So, if you’re facing the decision of whether to work from home with a 10 second commute or to stay working in the main business office, here are a few pros and cons to working from home.


  • There’s no commute therefore no excuse for being late to work.
  • You’re free to do as you please within reason.
  • You can work in shorts and a t-shirt.
  • No one is looking over your shoulder.
  • You can write off a small portion of your home office expenses at tax time.
  • Your employer may compensate you for incidental expenses.
  • Work life balance.
  • No office politics to navigate.


  • It takes an extreme amount of self-discipline and motivation to work from home.
  • You are the only person around all day, so there is no outside pressure to be busy.
  • You miss out on the office camaraderie that working with others day after day brings, no water cooler discussions about the latest episode of Married at First Sight or My Kitchen Rules.
  • No coworkers to share lunch and gossip with.
  • No escaping the office and going home, because you’re already there.
  • Working from home takes up an entire spare room in your home.
  • You don’t get face time with your coworkers.
  • The boss can’t see that you’re working hard or putting in extra hours, so you’re potentially being judged more on your output than your actual work ethic.
  • You run the risk of putting in too many hours or overworking. As improbable as this might sound, imagine it’s 11pm and suddenly you have an “oh shit” work moment. It’s all too easy to go into your home office and work until 1am.

Tips for Working from Home

  • Working from home can be a great solution for many people whether they be employees or self-employed. I have worked in an office and from home, and it takes an extreme amount of self-discipline and motivation to work from home.
  • A question you need to ask yourself is “Does working from home fit in with my current situation, is it what I want and will l be an effective employee?”.

If you do work from home, it is important to remember:

  • Maintain a presence at the main office, look at working out of the main office one day a week, a fortnight etc., this will allow you to catch up with your employer and coworkers.
  • Report in often and let your boss know you’re alive and productive.
  • Treat your study like a real office. Close the door at your designated finish time and don’t open it until you’re beginning your next work day.
  • Get dressed as you would for work and be consistent with your hours.
  • Act like you are at the office and not at home, and you stand a good chance of being productive.
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