Not all clients are quality clients… sometimes you just need to walk away.

Why did I fire a client?

Firstly I value our candidates so I don’t want to waste their time putting them on a shortlist with 12 other candidates from multiple agencies, plus the companies own shortlist (this style of recruitment genuinely means they are at a disadvantage because they have a fee attached to their resume). With that many candidates on the shortlist not all candidates are going to get an opportunity to interview and present themselves in person – so really it’s not a shortlist at all, more a long list of maybes!

This reminded me of a Greg Savage blog I read many moons ago. Which is even more relevant today in a candidate tight marketplace! Worth a read my recruiter and HR friends.

So HR, if your recruitment process is to still farm out one job to multiple agencies and play the servant/master game…  Newsflash! Times have changed! It’s time to start using a professional recruitment strategy. 

Find an agency that you can partner with that…

  • Focuses on the candidate experience
  • Uses the latest technology
  • Carries out advertising campaigns
  • Utilises social media in their search
  • Uses their well established network to reach out and find you the best shortlist of active and passive candidates on the market. 

Don’t have agencies running a race to get resumes to you first. Why? Because that name on the resume is a human being and deserves to be treated better! (Remember when you were last on the job hunt and how the process made you feel).

This couldn’t be more important than NOW when we are in a candidate tight marketplace to get out of the dark ages and work in respectful partnerships with an agency that genuinely cares about the candidate throughout the process!  

And critically, protect your company brand

There is no point the marketing department spending money on your employer brand when HR has farmed a job all over the place – nothing looks cheaper or more desperate than one job listed with multiple agencies and it certainly doesn’t scream ‘dream job’ or ‘employer of choice’ to high quality in demand candidates!

Respectful relationships in business are always the best and yes when it comes to recruitment you are impacting candidates lives and that should be treated with the upmost respect! 

Maybe it’s time you made some changes…

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