Job Searching – The Do’s and Don’ts

So you’re looking for a new job? There are things you should be doing  and things you shouldn’t!  Don’t stop your chances of  securing your  next position by making some silly mistakes.   I  have put together a few guidelines to help you  i n   your search.  

Do’s when job searching

Have a voicemail and check it.

The first thing a potential employer would like to do is talk to you on the phone.   If you cant be available to answer a call, make sure you have a professional voice mail and check it often. 

Build your online brand.

Update your LinkedIn, check your public Facebook profile, google your name too. Make sure there is nothing online that could make a potential employer question your professionalism and ability to do the job. 

Target your resume and cover letter to the position.

Read the job ad and elaborate on key points and responsibilities in your cover letter and resume. Make it easy for hiring managers to see your suitability. 

Be prepared.

Research the company before you go to an interview. Have smart questions prepared to ask the hiring manager. 

Dress for the occasion.

It is better to overdress then underdress! Dress professionally and appropriately, making sure your outfit is clean, ironed and not over the top. 

Follow up.

If you don’t hear back a few days after applying, think of some great questions to ask about the role and call to follow up.  After your interview, send a thank you follow up as soon as you have a chance.  It also reminds the interviewer you are very interested in the role. 

Don’ts when Job Searching

No spelling mistakes on your resume.

Get someone else to read it, use spell check in word.  Your resume is the first step to securing an interview. 

Don’t limit your job search to one job board.

There are actually many different job boards, make sure you search for a job board in your industry, as well as the more popular ones like Seek, LinkedIn and Indeed. 

There is no point applying if you don’t have the listed experience.

There is a reason why the hiring manager has stated the job requirements on the ad, it is because that is who they are looking for.  Make sure your experience lines up and it will save both parties time. 

Try not to blow the interview before it starts. 

Don’t use your phone at all and make sure it is turned off, be polite to the receptionist and hold the lift if the opportunity comes up – it could be your interviewer! 

Time it right – Do not be late or show up really early. 

5 – 10 minutes before the interview is spot on, there is a reason you have a scheduled time slot. It is unprofessional to show up really early or even worse, late.  

Don’t provide references that don’t know they have been listed.

A quick courtesy call to your referee is highly recommended, then they don’t get a surprise or refuse to complete the reference check. ….Yes this happens! 

No lies on your resume or in your interview 

Just don’t, you will get caught eventually. 

Most of these are common sense but you would be surprised at how simple mistakes can negatively affect your job search. Being polite, professional and prepared is key. Good luck! 

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