How to help a young person write their first resume

Recently I was asked to help my 16 year old nephew put together his first resume and it gave me the inspiration for this blog to help every young person write their first resume.

Seeking employment for the first time is such a critical time for confidence in a young persons life. Anything we can do to guide them in navigating the path to paid employment and as quickly as possible, will set them up well for the future.

And here is where the conversation starts…’But I’ve never had a job before’.

Follow these simple rules and before you know it you’ll have a resume that will look better than anyone else their age plus you as the grown up helping them, will feel just little proud about what the young person in your life has already achieved.

Are you still not sure where to start, struggling with your content or need to help to make it look pretty? Contact the team at Lloyd Connect today.

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