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Previously in this series l have written about setting up your workspace the importance of staying connected. In this week’s entry l write about the importance of Getting Up and Getting Dressed.

Part 3 Getting Up and Getting Dressed

It is all too easy to let the small mundane routines such as getting up at a regular time and getting dressed that you previously devoutly stuck to like some 14 th century religious zealot, slide by the wayside. However, tempting it is to let them slip into a “ahhh it will happen when it happens” attitude, it is important that you keep this routine when working from home.

Luckily (some may say otherwise), I have to get up every morning and make myself presentable to take the kids to school.

It’s best if l don’t look like some deranged harridan when dropping them off and interacting with other parents and teachers. Having to do this every morning means that I am up, showered, dressed and with just enough make up to make me not look like death warmed up or a modern-day adaption of Morticia Addams, before I rush out the door to drop the kids off. 

I could easily just pull on yesterday’s clothes or stay in my pyjama’s (we’ve all witnessed this at one time or another) and drive my kids to school, drop them off and keep driving. But I choose not to do this. I prefer to get dressed and presentable, park the car and walk the kids to class.  Why?  Well, of course it’s good for the kids, but I do it for more selfish reasons. I get to see actual adults before I sit in my study by myself all day, and it gives me a little bit of fresh air and exercise before I sit down to tackle my day. This harks back to my previous blog about staying connected. Plus, if I happen to have an impromptu video call, then at least I am presentable and not a dishevelled mess, and trust me these impromptu video calls do happen, so it’s best to be prepared. 

It is important to still maintain those routines every day. If I working in a traditional office environment, then I would do these things naturally. Working from home is no different. Get yourself some morning rituals and daily routines and stick to them.

Next time, why you need to Take a Break when working from home.

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