Becoming Job Ready During Lockdown Part 3 – All things tech

Plug it, Play it, ZOOM it – Technologic:

With so many of us working from home, 2020 has truly become the year to embrace all things technology (kudos to anyone who understood the Daft Punk reference in the heading). ZOOM meetings in our PJs with special guest appearances from our fur and fur-less children are now the norm. Although this norm has been caused by a global pandemic, its proven that we can adapt and work remotely when needed. Some of this is here to stay, so it’s time to plug and play!

Same, but different

In my previous blog, I touched on digital interviews; during 2020, most recruiters have moved to interviews via webcam (ZOOM, MS Teams, Skype) – a practice which will definitely continue. The same principles apply to an online interview, make sure your presentation is on point and the positioning of your webcam is acceptable. My personal favourite is the news presenter – professional up top, PJs and Slippers down below (well I hope that’s what is down below anyway).

Another digital interview method becoming popular in 2020 is pre-recorded question responses (let me explain). During the year, I have seen tech-platforms introduce a system where a candidate is sent a series of standard interview questions; from there, the candidate must record themselves answering the questions. The recordings are sent back to the recruiter for review and to gauge the candidate’s suitability. Its’s an interesting concept which I am personally trialling myself right now, with great feedback.

No one likes seeing themselves on screen, but particularly with the pre-recorded interview concept, it’s a good opportunity to practice and become more confident in front of the camera (just don’t get any Bella Thorne-style ideas).

Your digital footprint

This period is also a great opportunity to clean up your digital footprint. Since we are glued to our screens more so now than ever, it’s quite easy for a hiring manager to do some digging – a quick internet search can bring up a lot about a candidate and how they socially interact. Recruiters really don’t care about the picture of you at the footy holding your $12 plastic cup of mid-strength beer, we care about the topics and social interactions you are portraying online.

If you think there are some old comments or tweets that might come back to bite you, then I suggest deleting them. Your digital footprint is online for the world to see; be mindful of the comments you make or the pages you follow.


Since we can’t network and meet people the old way for the time being, LinkedIn is a great way to connect with new people online during lockdown (again, there are other apps for a similar result, but that’s not what I’m talking about). If you haven’t done so already, its time to update your profile, start making connections within your industry, and share some content with your peers. As alluded to earlier, adding your LinkedIn URL to your resume is a great way for hiring managers to become acquainted with you. Having a current LinkedIn profile also opens up the opportunity for you to be headhunted by possible hiring companies – someone could find you first!

Tune in next time

As we are (hopefully) going to receive some news about an ease of Victorian restrictions, next week I’ll be discussing motivation whilst working from home, and sharing some tips about how to create a comfortable home office.

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